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Hair Extensions and Braids F.A.Q

How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?
The best result will occur if you have hair that is at least 4 inches in length or longer. Though I do not recommend you getting extensions with shorter hair than 4 inches, I will make some exceptions for those who understand that the extensions will not last as long, and may not blend as well with your natural hair as the distance in length will be more drastic.

Do I need to supply my own hair?
If you are getting Micro Link hair extension you can buy micro link hair on! If however you are looking for sewn in / weft extensions you will need to purchase your own hair and have it ready for the day of your appointment.

Does the application include the cost of hair?
No. The cost of hair is not included in the cost of any of the services that are provided.

How long will it take to get my extensions put it / braiding done?
The amount of time for each service depends on many factors. In general however, sewn in extensions take around 1 1/2 to 2 hours and Micro Link extensions take approximately 3 – 4 hours. It is difficult to judge braiding time as it greatly varies because of hair length, thickness, size of braid etc.

Why are your prices so much lower then a salons? has drastically reduced prices compared to salons as Khaili is a traveling hair extension technician. What this means is that we can provide the same salon quality hair while avoiding all the large over-head cost as we don't have a physical location and the costs that come with running a salon. As you get salon quality hair at discount rates, in effect we get more clients, so we both win :)

So you will travel to my home to do hair extensions and braiding?
You got it! :) Khaili will travel to your home or place of your choosing so that you are comfortable and your appointment can effortlessly fit into your schedule!
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